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Signage And Wayfinding Products

Miller EG Design provides a vatiety of quality signage products.

LED Reader Board Signs

Also known as digital or electronic reader board signs and/or LED displays. Miller EG Design offers a wide array of LED reader board signs which allow clients to display variable messages along with dynamic graphics as well as full video.

Interior Signs

Interior signs of all kinds, such as the example show below, are available from Miller EG Design. Whether you need a standard product that can be delivered quickly or a custom product designed to enhance your interior architecture, Miller EG Design offers almost limitless choices.

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs are a big decision for most companies. Whether you want your exterior sign small or large, illuminated or non-illuminated, mounted or free-standing, Miller EG Design can help bring your design to life. If you’re still uncertain, we can help guide you through the decision-making process

Lit Signs

Choosing how a sign is lit is crucial to the visibility and impact of a sign. Many other aspects of a sign such as maintenance costs, durability, and readability are determined by how a sign is lit. Miller EG Design offers many types of lit signs including LED, Fluorescent, Moon, Incandescent and more.

ADA Compliant Signs

Raised letter, tactile signs with Braille are often required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, these signs do not need to look institutional and bland. Let Miller EG Design show you some product options that keep you compliant while enhancing your interior architecture.

Temporary Signs

Construction projects often require temporary signs. Interior and exterior signs with high visibility and the power to communicate effectively need to be placed at key traffic points. Miller EG Design provides temporary signs as quickly as overnight with use timeframes from one day to several years.

"H" Signs

"H" Signs are also known as "Guide Signs" by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Miller EG Design can plan and help your hospital implement these important signs. Our products are guaranteed to meet all reflectivity standards required by law.

Facility Maps

At Miller EG Design, our facility maps are more than just directions—they’re an integral part of the experience we offer. Designed with precision and a deep understanding of space utilization, our maps guide you through our facilities with ease, ensuring a seamless journey from the moment you step in.

Corporate Logos

At Miller EG Design, we specialize in creating distinctive corporate identities through innovative signage and experiential graphics that resonate with both the brand and its audience. Our corporate identification projects are more than just signs; they are statements of identity, values, and vision. In a world where first impressions are crucial, we ensure your corporate presence is both seen and felt.

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