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About Miller EG Design

Unlike sign companies who just do one thing, we understand how signage and graphics blend with their environment.

Miller EG Design uses a team approach and has a talented pool of designers with extensive experience in signage design and experiential graphics.

Our company has a diversified project portfolio, including architectural, retail, health care, educational, hospitality, transportation, wayfinding, litigation graphics, corporate identity, collateral communication and web design.

Miller EG Design

We have extensive experience in working with broad range of customers, who have specific needs and standards for their projects. We understand the codes, regulations, and best practices for wayfinding and experential graphic design in both private and public sector. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and goals, from design through to implementation. We follow a collaborative and iterative design process that involves research, analysis, concept development, testing, implementation, and evaluation.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for all of our wayfinding systems and signage.

Our Specialization

Miller EG Design is a full-service design and product solutions provider. Unlike sign companies who just do one thing, we understand how signage and graphics blend with their environment.

Industry Expertise

Over 3 Decades of Experience

Talented Designers

Certified Wayfinding Design Professionals

Signage & Graphics

Full-service design & product solutions


Top 20% in the Southeast

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Our Team

Our team is a dynamic and diverse group of individuals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table. Together, we foster creativity and drive excellence in all our projects.

John Barrow
Senior Project Manager

As a senior project manager at Miller EG Design John plays a significant role in almost every aspect of the company’s projects.

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Chad Whetzell
Senior Project Manager

Over the years Chad has overseen projects in a wide range of industries.

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Carol Tolman
Project Manager

Carol joined the Miller EG Design team as a Project Manager in 2021.

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Timothy Miller
Tim’s professional experience spans a broad range of both project and management roles.

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Grant Anglin
Senior Project Manager

With a reputation for reliability and expertise, Grant continues to be a driving force in the signage & wayfinding industry, shaping its future one project at a time.

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Michael Dahlgren
Senior Designer

He presently serves as Senior Designer, creating designs, design documentation, and providing design support for MEGD’s projects.

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Our Core Values

Core Values are intended to be the cultural compass of our company and the principles that guide our actions. Our policies and actions, including things like being inclusive, being knowledgeable, setting high standards, and more, are the details we view through the lens of our core values.


Engagement is at the heart of everything we do. We display enthusiasm about all our activities directed toward our mutual success


We exhibit a quality of Commitment to all we do for our customers, ourselves, our suppliers, and everyone we touch.


We believe Communication in the form of the exchange of information is critical to the success of all our endeavors, including projects, performance, and progress.


We go about our business with a strong sense of Integrity expressed through our honesty, ethical behavior, and ongoing revelations about doing the next right thing designed to instill trust in all we do.


We believe in Excellence in all we do. Excellent service, excellent products, and excellent interactions are the starting points.


Innovation is part of our value proposition and streams through our planning, execution, and long-term actions.