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Grant Anglin

Grant Anglin

Senior Project Manager


  • Senior Project Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Installation Manager


The Art Institute of Atlanta
Graphic Design


years of sign program experience


with Miller EG Design

Grant is a seasoned professional in the signage & wayfinding industry, leveraging over three decades of expertise to deliver exceptional results. With an educational background in graphic design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, he laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation and excellence.

Since the early 1990s, Grant has been immersed in the signage & wayfinding industry, witnessing its evolution, and contributing significantly to its advancement. He found his home at Miller EG Design in 2009, where he fulfills the multifaceted role of Senior Project Manager, Safety Manager, and Installation Manager.

Grant’s portfolio boasts a diverse array of projects, each executed with precision and creativity. Whether it’s overseeing large-scale installations or ensuring adherence to safety protocols, he has the tools & knowledge to ensure each project is completed in accordance with the clients’ needs.

With a reputation for reliability and expertise, Grant continues to be a driving force in the signage & wayfinding industry, shaping its future one project at a time.