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Elevating Atlanta's Spaces with Expert Wayfinding Solutions

Miller EG Design merges functionality with artistry to create immersive wayfinding experiences.

In the heart of Atlanta, where history meets modernity and streets buzz with the energy of progress, the need for seamless navigation and engaging environmental experiences is paramount. Miller EG Design, a leader in experiential graphics and wayfinding solutions, stands at the forefront of this intersection. Our mission is to create better wayfinding through experiential graphics, a pursuit that combines the science of navigation with the art of storytelling. With an extensive portfolio spanning both exterior and interior signage programs, we are dedicated to enhancing the way individuals interact with their surroundings in Atlanta and beyond.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the architectural, cultural, and social landscapes of the spaces we transform. Through collaborative design, meticulous planning, and innovative implementation, we strive to craft signage systems that not only guide but also inspire. From bustling commercial hubs to serene public parks, our projects encapsulate the spirit of Atlanta, offering intuitive navigation solutions that enrich the user experience.

At Miller EG Design, we believe that effective wayfinding transcends mere direction. It narrates the story of a place, inviting exploration and connection. Join us as we explore the principles, methodologies, and impacts of our work in experiential graphics, showcasing how we've redefined the way Atlanta moves, gathers, and thrives.

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Step-by-Step Guide

An overview of Miller EG Design’s methodology from initial research and analysis to design, implementation, and maintenance. This will emphasize the collaborative, iterative process that ensures each project’s success. View Guide.

wayfinding and experiential graphics by Miller EG Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of Atlanta, wayfinding and experiential graphics by Miller EG Design are not just about getting from point A to point B. They are about creating journeys that inform, inspire, and connect. These elements work in concert to transform spaces into places of discovery and delight, where every turn reveals a new story, and every journey enriches the soul. Through meticulous design and strategic implementation, Miller EG Design ensures that navigation through Atlanta is not just seamless but also profoundly memorable.

Featured Projects

Hall County

Highlighting the comprehensive exterior signage rejuvenation program and its expansion to include interior renovations.

Westminster Schools:

Showcasing the integration of campus-wide interior and exterior signage to enhance educational environments.

Emory Musculoskeletal Institute:

Detailing the bespoke signage solutions for both interior and exterior spaces, focusing on functionality and branding.

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital:

Demonstrating a complete overhaul of signage systems to improve hospital navigation and patient experience.

Town Center of Virginia Beach:

Focusing on the parking deck signage as part of a larger downtown redevelopment project, showcasing the role of strategic wayfinding in urban planning.