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Michael Dahlgren

Michael Dahlgren

Senior Designer


  • Senior Designer
  • Design Co-lead
  • Documentation Co-Lead


years of sign program experience


American Intercontinental University, Atlanta, GA & London, England Bachelor of Arts – 2008


with Miller EG Design

Michael joined Miller EG Design in 2011. He presently serves as Senior Designer, creating designs, design documentation, and providing design support for MEGD’s projects. Working under Tim, and independently, Michael is responsible for much of the creative design at the company.

Michael had previously managed and executed many larger capital projects as well as Sign Management Program (SMP) projects for various clients, and subsequently quoted (OQ) projects and small Capital (CAP) projects. This experience has provided a solid foundation in the practical aspects of successful creative and technical design.

Over years with the company, Michael’s work has become increasingly focused on all aspects of design. In 2019, Michael took a role as leader of MEGD’s CorelDRAW Team. This streamlined the design workflow for the company, providing a single point of contact for the MEGD Project Managers’ technical design requirements.

Miller EG Design has a highly-collaborative work environment. Working intimately with Project Managers and Executive Management at MEGD for over 11 years has provided a wealth of experience in effective, successful, and practical design, fabrication, implementation, and installation methods as well.