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Project Profile : When Wayfinding Takes a Hit: Miller EG Design’s Swift Solutions

Miller EG Design's Resilient Wayfinding Signs

Accidents are a part of life, and at Miller EG Design, we get that. Our wayfinding signs are built to last, but sometimes the unexpected happens—vehicles go off course, storms break branches, animals have their moments, or vandals strike. But don’t worry, we’ve got this!

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Miller EG Design's Rapid Sign Repair in Kennesaw

When the City of Kennesaw’s wayfinding sign faced damage, our maintenance team was quick to respond. With precision and care, we repaired the sign, making it as good as new. Our commitment goes beyond design; it’s about providing ongoing support and ensuring that the paths remain clear and the journeys uninterrupted. Quick repair and replacement services? Just another way we help guide the way.

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