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Wayfinding Solutions in Savannah

Savannah Wayfinding Solutions by Miller EG Design

Savannah, Georgia, known for its picturesque squares, cobblestone streets, and historic homes, offers a unique blend of Southern charm and rich history. Effective wayfinding is essential in this visually complex and historically significant city.

Miller EG Design provides comprehensive wayfinding solutions designed to fit Savannah’s unique landscape. Our services include:

  • Wayfinding Consultation: In-depth analysis of urban and pedestrian flow.
  • Custom Signage Development: Crafting signage that complements Savannah’s historic aesthetics.

Installation and Maintenance: Providing expert installation and regular upkeep of wayfinding systems.

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Key Projects

Our Savannah projects demonstrate our ability to integrate wayfinding into the historic and aesthetic fabric of the city, enhancing both functionality and charm.

Impact on Community

Our wayfinding solutions enhance the visitor experience by providing clear, aesthetically pleasing navigation aids that reflect Savannah’s history and culture.

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