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Project Profile: Signage as Storytelling: Crafting Community Identity in Hall County

Project Profile: Signage as Storytelling: Crafting Community Identity in Hall County

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The essence of wayfinding is not merely to navigate but to communicate and build identity. This Project Profile presents a case study of Hall County’s governmental facility signage, examining how Miller EG Design leverages signage as a storytelling tool that fosters a sense of community and place.

Crafting Community Identity in Hall County

In 2020, Hall County embarked on a transformative journey with Miller EG Design to overhaul its exterior signage. This partnership’s core mission was to rejuvenate the county’s visual narrative through a cohesive signage system that not only guides but also represents the county’s identity.

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The Miller EG Design Approach:

Conceptualization: Discussing the initial vision for Hall County’s signage, focusing on creating a unified brand experience. Miller EG Design took the vision provided by the designer and Hall County and made it work by ensuring the signs could be made in a way that stayed true to their vision.

Design Philosophy: Analyzing the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and visibility in the signs’ design, which is evident in the Large Monument Sign – Type A and the Illuminated Parking Deck Sign Concept.
Implementation: Miller EG Design managed a vast program across Hall County to carefully and consistently implement all the signs through a schedule that brought the new look and brand identity into reality quickly and cleanly. This implementation has gotten great feedback and instilled a sense of pride in Hall County residents while provide a clear sense of direction and sense of place for all visitors and facility users.

Case Studies Analysis:

  1. Monumental Impressions: Examining the Large Monument Sign – Type A as a gateway to the governmental center, its bold typography, color contrast, and structural design choices.
  2. Lighting the Way: Illuminated Parking Deck Sign Concept’s use of lighting not only for visibility but also as an architectural feature that enhances nighttime navigation.
  3. Park Monument Sign – Type E: How the design captures the recreational spirit of SARPS Sports Complex and its role in promoting community engagement.
  4. Subtlety in Direction: The Small Monument Sign – Type B and its strategic placement for pedestrian-level guidance.


Detailed the process of sign conceptualization from sketches to installation, including community feedback loops, prototyping, and the integration of local heritage in design.

Project Profile Summary:

Reflecting on the successful deployment of the signage system as a testament to Miller EG Design's ability to translate community values into functional, aesthetic, and enduring designs.

This Project Profile aims to encapsulate the transformative effect of strategic signage design on community identity and experience, highlighting Miller EG Design's role in elevating the utility and aesthetics of wayfinding systems.