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Project Profile: Soltech Main Lobby Signage by Miller EG Design


Miller EG Design was commissioned to develop and install a distinctive signage solution for Soltech, a leader in innovative solar energy technologies. The project involved the creation of a custom sign for the main lobby of Soltech's headquarters, which would align with the company’s branding and complement the pre-existing decor of the lobby area. This Project Profile explores the design considerations, materials used, and the integration of the sign within the architectural and aesthetic context of the Soltech lobby.

Project Overview

Client: Soltech
Project Type: Custom Lobby Signage
Objective: To design a sign that reflects Soltech’s brand identity and harmonizes with the architectural elements and interior design of the lobby.
Location: Main Lobby, Soltech Headquarters

Design Concept

The design brief was to create a signage solution that was both visually striking and seamlessly integrated into the lobby's existing design scheme. The challenge lay in crafting a sign that would not only resonate with Soltech’s innovative brand identity but also enhance the spatial qualities of the lobby without overwhelming its existing aesthetics.

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Material Selection

The choice of materials was pivotal in meeting the design and functional requirements of the signage. The sign features:

1/2" Thick Acrylic Routed Letters:

These provide a clean and precise look, essential for the clarity and readability of the signage. Acrylic was chosen for its durability and the sleek, modern finish it offers.

Brushed Aluminum Finish with Anodized Surface:

This finish ensures that the letters catch the light subtly, enhancing visibility without causing glare. The anodization process increases the material’s corrosion resistance, making it suitable for the high-traffic environment of a corporate lobby.

Aesthetic Integration

The sign’s design incorporates a minimalist aesthetic, employing neutral tones that complement the lobby’s color scheme and furniture. The brushed aluminum finish of the letters ties in with other metal accents in the lobby, providing a coherent visual flow. The precise, clean lines of the routed letters reflect Soltech’s identity as a purveyor of high-tech, precision-engineered solutions.

Installation Challenges

The installation was carried out without altering the existing structures or decor elements in the lobby. Special care was taken to ensure that the installation process was efficient and non-disruptive to Soltech’s daily operations. The sign was mounted at an optimal height to be eye-catching yet unobtrusive, ensuring it blends with the lobby’s spatial dynamics.


Post-installation feedback from Soltech stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. The signage has not only strengthened brand presence within the corporate headquarters but has also been appreciated for its aesthetic value and the way it enhances the lobby space. Employees and visitors alike have noted the sign’s role in creating a welcoming and professionally resonant atmosphere.


The Soltech main lobby signage project exemplifies Miller EG Design’s expertise in creating custom signage that is both functional and artistically integrated within its environment. Through careful material selection, design precision, and thoughtful integration, the project successfully enhances the corporate identity of Soltech while adding to the aesthetic appeal of their headquarters.

Future Considerations

Moving forward, Miller EG Design will continue to provide maintenance and support for the Soltech signage to ensure its longevity and sustain its visual impact. This project serves as a benchmark for future collaborations, highlighting the importance of cohesive design, brand alignment, and architectural synergy in corporate signage.