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At Miller EG Design, Crafting a Compassionate Pathway for Healthcare Wayfinding

At Miller EG Design, we understand that a visit to a healthcare facility is more than just a physical journey—it’s an emotional one. With this in mind, we have poured our expertise into crafting wayfinding systems that offer more than directions; they offer reassurance and a sense of care. Our recent project at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital stands as a testament to our philosophy of designing with empathy and precision.

As one traverses the Piedmont campus, a Miller EG Design wayfinding sign stands prominently—a guidepost not only to locations within the sprawling facility but also to the ease and comfort that thoughtful design can provide. Sporting the hospital’s logo, our sign is a lighthouse for those seeking guidance in the complex tides of healthcare navigation.

The design strategy for Piedmont was clear: create a wayfinding system that alleviates the inherent stress of hospital visits. The sign’s crisp white background and stark black typography emerge as pillars of clarity amidst the sea of activity and anxiety. Direction is provided with purpose; to the left, “Building 77” and its associated points of interest are listed, from other building access to rehabilitation services, the auditorium, and classrooms. To the right, “Building 35” beckons, with its own set of critical services including the Pharmacy and Sixty Plus Services.

Our dual-sided sign approach at Piedmont is a deliberate choice, ensuring that no matter the direction of approach, information is accessible and immediate. It’s a reflection of our commitment to user-centered design, anticipating and responding to the needs of patients, visitors, and staff alike.

The setting of our sign is as intentional as its design. Positioned along a well-tended pedestrian pathway, flanked by manicured greenery, it stands in harmony with the hospital’s environment. A no-smoking sign discreetly placed within the landscape reinforces the health-conscious ethos of the facility.

At Miller EG Design, we see every sign as a piece of the larger narrative of a space. In the case of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, our narrative is one of compassion, care, and community. We craft each sign to be a milestone on a patient’s journey to wellness—a journey that is as emotionally demanding as it is physical.

Our work with Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is a reflection of our core belief: wayfinding should be an integral part of the healing process. Through thoughtful design, we ensure that every individual stepping onto the campus is not only directed but also supported. Our signs are more than markers; they are an extension of the hospital’s mission to serve and soothe.

In the wider landscape of healthcare design, Miller EG Design remains committed to innovation that marries functionality with empathy. Our wayfinding systems are beacons, guiding the industry toward a future where design serves as a silent caretaker, gently leading the way to recovery and peace of mind.

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