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Guiding Steps: Wayfinding Design That Cares at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

In the bustling environment of a healthcare campus, the significance of effective wayfinding design cannot be overstressed. It’s not merely about directing traffic; it’s about easing the journey for patients and visitors during often stressful times. The Piedmont Atlanta Hospital’s pedestrian directional signage is an example of such thoughtful design, as we explore in our feature article for “Design & Health Magazine.”

Set against the backdrop of the hospital’s brick facade, the wayfinding sign in the image stands as a silent guide amidst the daily hustle. The sign, a monolith with a crisp white background, is adorned with the Piedmont logo at the top, immediately recognizable with its distinctive branding. It serves as a vital touchpoint, offering clear directions to various key locations within the complex.

The design of the sign, with bold black lettering and simple circular icons, provides at-a-glance information that’s accessible and easy to interpret. Directional arrows lead to Building 77 on the left, housing access to other buildings and essential services like Rehabilitation Services and Classrooms 4-7. To the right, the sign points toward Building 35, guiding visitors to the Pharmacy and Sixty Plus Services.

Our article delves into the design process behind this wayfinding solution, discussing the choice of font size, iconography, and color contrast, which play a crucial role in ensuring the sign’s visibility and legibility. The designers’ insights reveal the meticulous approach to creating a user-friendly navigation system that aligns with the hospital’s mission of care and support.

We further examine the strategic placement of the sign, positioned at a pedestrian decision point, ensuring that it’s both seen and useful. The pathway leading up to the entrance and the surrounding greenery frame the sign, making it a natural part of the landscape.

The article also touches on the broader context of wayfinding within healthcare settings, emphasizing the importance of designing with empathy. At Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, the wayfinding system is more than a network of signs; it’s a carefully crafted experience that considers the emotional and physical well-being of each visitor.

Through expert interviews and case studies, “Design & Health Magazine” presents a comprehensive look at how Piedmont Atlanta Hospital’s wayfinding signage stands out as a paragon of design that serves and supports, embodying the very essence of healthcare design thinking.

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